Energy transition
by PACT2030

Leading the energy transition through integration, circularity and collaboration

Partners Accelerated Carbon Transition is an initiative which has a joint vision regarding the Energy Transition based on key technology integration, full carbon circularity, negative emissions and collaboration across sectors.

We believe that already today we have the technologies at hand to address the Energy Transition and if we start now, together we can have the foundation in place by 2030 to meet the Paris 2050 goals. Our purpose is to convey this vision widely and to connect as many partners and technologies in order to build a coalition to accelerate the Energy Transition.

Our beliefs

PACT 2030© believes that the Energy Transition:

  • Can still be based on Hydro-Carbon use, and can be delivered without a full exit of H/C fuels;
  • Must be based on the integration of Hydrogen-, Biomass, and Carbon economies;
  • Should be centered around full Carbon circularity, closing the carbon loop by utilizing and fully recycling carbons, plastics and CO2 rather than banning them;
  • Should focus on collaboration and partnering across industries, institutes and technologies;
  • We need to act now, accelerating change to get the basics in place by 2030 since technologies are available. Not passing on our responsibility to next generations;
  • The Netherlands houses an ideal seeding place to become a Leading Delta for this Energy Transition

The Netherlands first

The Netherlands provide fertile ground to bring PACT 2030© vision to reality and to accelerate this journey in order to start harvesting by 2030. It has the potential to become ‘a leading delta for the energy transition’ because it;

• Provides a unique environment for low cost wind and solar energy (shallow windy North Sea)
• Has an excellent infrastructure in place with hydrogen and CO2 lines
• Is an existing energy hub (ARA petrochemicals) that needs to start changing now
• Hosts leading technology companies (e.g. Philips, ASML, Shell)
• Has best in class know-how (TU Delft, TU Eindhoven, Wageningen) and well educated work force
• Is already a breading place for many innovative solutions
• It can become less dependent on imported primary energy products
• Is in economic growth with excess capital and social stability
• Has created a clear sense of urgency to act now

If you would like to know more about our PACT2030 approach, please contact us.